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Presidential Permits for Border Crossing Energy Facilities

Controversy over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project has focused attention on the existing\r U.S. requirements for authorization to construct and operate pipelines and other energy\r infrastructure at international borders. For the most part, developers are required to obtain a\r Presidential Permit for border crossing facilities. The agency responsible for reviewing\r applications and issuing Presidential Permits varies depending on the type of facility. Oil and\r other hazardous liquids pipelines that cross borders are authorized by the U.S. Department of\r State. Natural gas pipeline border crossings are authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory\r Commission. Electricity transmission facilities are authorized by the Department of Energy. CRS\r has identified over 100 operating or proposed oil, natural gas, and electric transmission facilities\r crossing the U.S.-Mexico or U.S.-Canada border.\r The authority for federal agencies to review applications and issue Presidential Permits for oil\r pipelines comes from a series of executive orders. These executive orders have been upheld by\r the courts as legitimate exercises of the President\'s constitutional authority over foreign affairs as\r well as his authority as Commander in Chief. It is worth noting, however, that Congress has\r enacted statutes applying to cross-border natural gas and electric transmission facilities that\r require developers of such projects to apply for authorization from executive branch agencies.\r Bills: H.R. 3301

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