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European Union Wind and Solar Electricity Policies: Overview and Considerations

The subject matter covered within this report is European Union (EU) renewable electricity generation-specifically onshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity-and does not include discussion about the broader renewable energy sector (i.e., alternative transportation fuels, heating/cooling, and energy efficiency). Onshore wind and solar PV were selected as they have experienced the largest amounts of deployment in the EU to date. European Union energy policy is complex and multi-dimensional. Furthermore, each of the 28 member countries has a unique set of policies and incentives that add further complexity to the policy structure. It is beyond the scope of this report to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of all energy polices at the EU and member-country level. Rather, the scope of this report is designed to focus on certain aspects of energy policy at the EU-level and for three specific countries-Germany, Spain, and Italy. However, other EU members have implemented renewable electricity support policies with various designs and objectives. Finally, renewable electricity policies for three specific EU member countries provide a country-level comparison of the unique policy types, implementation strategies, and financial mechanics used by different EU members. Germany, Spain, and Italy were selected for further review based on the amount of onshore wind and solar PV deployment in these countries. Although the scope of this report has been narrowed, material contained in this report is naturally complex and technical with many caveats and nuances. Where possible, information contained in the report has been generalized. For additional information and detail about specific policies, please contact the author directly.

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