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Senkaku (Diaoyu/Diaoyutai) Islands Dispute: U.S. Treaty Obligations

Members of Congress periodically have been involved or expressed interest in the Senkaku (Diaoyu) dispute over the decades, most prominently when the issue of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty's application arose during the Senate's deliberations over the Okinawa Reversion Treaty. In 2012, congressional committees explored the topic in hearings and inserted in the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4310/P.L. 112-239) a resolution stating, among other items, that "the unilateral action of a third party will not affect the United States' acknowledgment of the administration of Japan over the Senkaku Islands." Similarly, in January 2013, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stated that "we oppose any unilateral actions that would seek to undermine Japanese administration" of the islets. This language was a reaction to China's increase in patrols around the Senkakus since the fall of 2012, moves that appear to many to be an attempt to exploit the U.S. distinction between sovereignty and administrative control by demonstrating that Beijing has a degree of administrative control over the islets. Bills: H.R. 4310

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Senkaku (Diaoyu/Diaoyutai) Islands Dispute: U.S. Treaty Obligations  [Order No: R42761  Release Date: Jan 10,2013  Pages: 7]

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