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Surface Transportation: A Compendium


This Compendium consists of on various aspects of surface transportation, from highway and bridge programs to public transit programs and inter-modal transportation.


The documents within this Compendium that discuss highway and bridge programs consist of issues of tolling on interstate highways; legislative history of federal aid to roads and highways; repairing and reconstructing disaster damaged roads and bridges; a background and issues for congress on the role of the environmental review process in federally funded highway projects; an overview of the federal-aid highway pro-gram.


Documents that discuss the public transit program and intermodal topics range from the funding issues in surface transportation reauthorization; moving ahead for progress in the 21st Century Act (P.L. 112-114); North American Free Trade Agreement; implementation of the future of commercial trucking across the Mexican border; railroad access and competition issues within railroad companies; passenger train access to freight railroad tracks; issues and recent events on the development of high speed rail in the United States; overview and policy issues of positive train control; and the federal freight policy.


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