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"Over the years one of the most frequently requested categories of congressional documents at the Pritzker Legal Research Center has been the Congressional Research Service (CRS) research reports. Faculty and students alike find these materials helpful in synthesizing legislative history on complex legislative proposals. Because these materials are considered for “official use” obtaining the CRS research reports has been a time consuming process requiring contacting congressional representatives who in turn track down the report and mail the report. Meeting research deadlines was dependent on the vagaries of the U.S. mail!

The Penny Hill Press service of supplying these reports and bibliographies of available reports has been invaluable in building our library’s collection of these valuable materials. When our law review students or faculty have had tight deadlines to obtain the CRS reports Penny Hill Press staff have been exemplary in sending the library PDF documents of these materials which I could in turn forward electronically to our students and faculty. The staff of Penny Hill Press is wonderful in providing research assistance and timely access to these materials."

Pegeen Bassett, Documents Librarian
Pritzker Legal Research Center
Northwestern University School of Law

University of New Hampshire

"I have purchased CRS Reports from Penny Hill Press for five years in my position as Intellectual Property Librarian and Director of the award winning Intellectual Property Website the IP Mall at Pierce Law offers all CRS Reports relating to intellectual property, commerce, technology and cyberlaw in the IP Mall and in our print collection. Our patrons both local and online find this collection unique and highly valuable. This collection, made available in part by the thoroughness and excellent service of Penny Hill Press, has also resulted in invaluable public relations for the IP Mall.

Penny Hill Press is without equal in historical knowledge of the CRS Reports as well as the ability to acquire these hard to obtain documents. Penny Hill Press's service has always been speedy, thorough and the best value per dollar for unique materials. Penny Hill Press is a great friend to Libraries and the world community by being in the lead of delivering information which members of Congress have repeatedly refused to publish on the Web. Penny Hill Press has been diligent in offering digital versions of older Reports as they become available. So, the service is excellent for historical purposes as well as up to the minute information. Penny Hill Press has been a great information provider and I highly recommend their content - content being gold in this world today."

Jon R. Cavicchi, J.D., LL.M. (I.P.), Assistant Professor &
Intellectual Property Librarian, Library Instruction Team Chair
University of New Hampshire School of Law,