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About CRS Reports

Penny Hill Press is the only private supplier of all Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports and makes them available individually and by subscription.

A 675-person, $107 million-per-year "think tank," the CRS works exclusively for Members and committees of the United States Congress. An arm of the Library of Congress, the agency is renowned for its non-partisanship and its in-depth analysis of issues. Its reports also provide valuable insight into how Congress makes decisions and are excellent sources for determining legislative intent.

However, by long tradition and congressional rules, the CRS does not distribute its reports to the public. It does not even have a publicly accessible Web site.

As a result, CRS reports are among the most elusive and coveted information products in Washington. The agency produces or updates more than 3,000 studies and other publications each year.

Penny Hill Press has all CRS reports issued since 1995, as well as most documents issued during 1993 and 1994, and some issued prior to 1993. Our collection is kept up-to-date at least weekly.

If you cannot find the report you are seeking, it is likely either because the report predates 1993 -- a period for which our report collection is sparse -- or it is a very recent report which we have not yet obtained or have not yet logged in to our database. WE CAN STILL BE OF HELP. E-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it providing us with as many details as possible or call us at 301-253-0881.

If it is a just-released report, we may have it in a stack awaiting processing into our database. If not, we will tell you when our next batch of documents will be coming in. Remember, our collection is up-to-date weekly. If it is a pre-1993 report, or otherwise unavailable in our collection, we will attempt to obtain it for you within one week of your request.