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Penny Hill Press is the only source from whom all Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports are available. Each weekday we make available that day's reports that have been posted to our website. By accessing this website on a daily basis you can thus be among the first to learn of newly available and newly updated CRS Reports and read abstracts of their content. You may also subscribe to our Daily Report of CRS Reports, sent every workday morning to your email address. The Daily Report provides more in-depth information on each CRS document -- the full text of the report's Executive Summary. It's free on request.  Just send your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Current and archived versions of the Daily Report.

Penny Hill Press offers same-day delivery of all publications of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the 675-person, $107 million-per-year non-partisan public policy research arm that works exclusively for Members and committees of the United States Congress. This team includes policy analysts, attorneys, information professionals, and experts in a wide range of disciplines – from law, economics and foreign affairs to defense and homeland security, public administration, education, health care, immigration, energy, environmental protection, science, and technology. Through the services of Penny Hill Press, this prestigious collection of specialists and analysts become available to you and your firm.

Purchase individual documents or become a subscriber to our monthly newsletter Congressional Research Report and keep up-to-date with the latest reports released by the CRS.  Subscribers save more than 70% on the cost of obtaining most CRS reports.

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